Guests under the age of 18 are not admitted. We reserve the right to ask visitors to show their ID or a valid document as proof of age.

All guests need to be aware of RSO’s position in club culture and its distinctive musical approach. Our community and its values are very dear to us, so individuals who are unaware of our principles may be refused at the door or expelled from the club.

Things that our bouncers are aware of when greeting you at the door are: weapons, drugs, liquids, and visible intoxication resulting in loud, or aggressive behavior. All guests consent to be searched upon arrival at the club.

In case of a ticket pre-sale for special events, purchasing a ticket in advance does not guarantee admission into the club. Some of the reasons for not allowing you to enter with a ticket are mentioned above and beyond. In case of refusal at the door, the ticket price will be refunded.

For security reasons, it is not permitted to take liquids into the club. Items with liquids will be kept at the door and can be taken back when leaving the club. Food may only be taken in if it is industrially packaged.

We ask you kindly to respect our neighbors. Please keep in mind that not all of them are at the party. Please approach and leave the Club in a quiet manner and behave courteously on your way to and from RSO.

Look out for your crew, friends, and teammates. If they start to feel uncomfortable or unwell, check that they are okay and inform our staff. We aim to be a friendly space where people help and respect each other in any situation.

Lighting effects and certain other conditions in the club can pose a risk to people with pre-conditions, such as epilepsy or other sensory issues. Please look out for one another and inform our staff in case of an emergency.

To ensure the privacy and comfort of everyone at the club, it is strictly forbidden to take pictures or film in the club. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you disobey this rule, your night will end at RSO. Larger camera equipment must be checked into our cloakroom.

On the dancefloor, we ask you to keep your bright screens in your pocket.

Distributing advertising or promotional materials in the club is not encouraged. Please do not deface our premises or equipment (no tagging, no stickers) or you will be responsible for cleaning costs.

Lost & Found: We will keep your lost clothing for two weeks after the event. After that, we give them to charity. Smaller and valuable items will be stored for a period of two months. 

For any lost items in the club or in the cloakroom, we are not responsible. You can contact our Lost & Found Office by mail: lostandfound[at] or visit us during our office hours. More info here

For security reasons, the outside area in front of the club’s entrance and some areas of the Revier Südost complex are equipped with video surveillance. By entering the complex, you consent to be recorded.

Smoking is only allowed outdoors.

Please also have a look at our AWARENESS CONCEPT


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