SAT 27.11.12 | 23:59



Brayan Valenzuela


DJ Deep


Kangding Ray

Leif Müller

Léa Occhi

Marc Schneider

Minimal Violence live

Rachel Noon


Setaoc Mass

Stanislav Tolkachev

Sven Weisemann


The second-ever time we open the gates to our new floors will be marked by an extra versatile assembly of artists accompanying the ceremony: Various moods are ready to choose from - the night is set out to bring forward carefree and playful moments with the license to cruise through harder sonic realms, too.

Ash Luk from Vancouver forms the project Minimal Violence. "Hardware Hardcore" is how they designate what comes out of the speakers when plugging themselves in. Their prominence stems from widespread respect for the way they filter the classic rave sounds of industrial, trance, acid, and raw ’90s dance music through a contemporary lens. Their live performance will happen on the same floor as Setaoc Mass with a selection nodding to a futuristic space-age, besides sets by Brayan Valenzuela, Kaiser, Léa Occhi, Rachel Noon, Stanislav Tolkachev, and Kanding Ray.

Kangding Ray is a human link between the dancefloor and the avant-gardist mindset found in and around the Raster-Noton continuum, which he is highly affiliated with. His technical skillset and meticulous attention to textural sound design form tools that help transform Ray's early influences of noise and rock into floor-ready, pounding compositions that often end up near the darkest fringe of club music.

Strongly rooted in Brooklyn’s Queer- and Ballroom communities, Bashkka, the self-assessed "Dancefloor Domina" faces the club with substance exceeding the heavy rollers she plays: together with her LOVERS collective, she pursues an agenda of breaking the scene’s patriarchy for good. She will entertain a floor alongside Carmel, Sandilé, Leif Müller, Marc Schneider, and DJ Deep.

Since 2003, when he started his "Deeply Rooted" label, DJ Deep has directed his overflowing drive and inspiration towards perpetuating true-to-the-roots House and Techno in Europe. Ever since - Artists objectively classed within the tier of pioneers chose the imprint to publish their music. Those artists range from Kerri Chandler to Ben Klock. A cherished side effect of all these long-lasting relationships is that they shaped Deep's sharp curational angle and a gratifying sound.

Das Event ist finanziert: Neustart Kultur Initiative Musik Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)



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