SAT 04.12.21 | 23:59



Anastasia Kristensen

Barbara Preisinger

Cali Rose

Candy Pollard

Charlie Sparks


DJ Swagger


Juliana Huxtable


Oskar Offermann



Volruptus live


This is the third-ever time our two newly finished floors will host an extensive dance. The Line-up is charged with strength of character, and assembled of acts that are playfully challenging the status quo of club music.

The Herrensauna nights have unarguably set the tone for an era of Hedonism in Berlin. MCMLXXXV, one of the founders seizes their time on the decks skillfully weaving together some presumably unalike styles from EBM to Hard Trance - inspiring an excess along the darker pole of the spectrum.

Juliana Huxtable is a key voice on identity politics in nightlife. Her rebellious work forms a sonic playground that allows and even encourages unconcerned partying, yet also carries strong social commentary from the angle of a black trans woman.
Juliana is gifted with a talent in an array of creative disciplines, recognized by the music and art world alike, to where Björk and the MoMA worked with her in the past.

Kawasaki-Daishi native, London-based Charlie Sparks approaches music with the angle conditioned by his alternative passion: architecture. An architect designs and operates with the people in mind - and so does Charlie when entertaining a club. He will share a floor with Trip Recordings affiliates AADJA, Volruptus, and Deniro, RSO resident Parallx, Anastasia Kristensen, and Cali Rose.

Barbara Preisinger was already firmly interlinked with German Techno before the scene settled in Berlin. In her hometown Munich she was a regular in the Booth of "Ultraschall" - one of the 90s' most regarded venues for the culture. After her move to Berlin in 1998, she has been involved in founding multiple labels publishing music by the likes of Mike Huckaby, Jan Jelinek, and Pole among many others.

XDB prefers to keep his public presence low-key and clear from attention baiting gadgets. Fair, since his musical skillset doesn't need any of that to shine. When XDB mixes in a track, he manages to contextualize it in a way that puts it on a high pedestal. In 2006, he gave his curational delight a home in starting his Metrolux label. He will please the same floor as Candy Pollard, Oskar Offermann, and Soela.



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