THU 23.06.22 | DOORS: 12:00







Panel 1: Clubbing after Lockdown


Andrea Piest SONAR Safer Nightlife Berlin

Marcel Weber SchwuZ

Kilian Laurinck X Sanitätsdienst

Lilia van Beukering Femme Bass Mafia

hosted by

Anastasia Tikhomirova Zeit Online, taz



Panel 2: New challenges for club culture


Konstanze Meyer Clubtopia

Robert Serek Jasna 1, Warsaw

Natasha Padabed More Zvukov Agency

hosted by

Kai Sachse Clubcommission



Panel 3: Black Lives Matter and the club industry


Nene H Incienso


Michael Müller Triangle Agency

hosted by

Christine Kakaire Black Artist Database, CTM Festival


Gravity Network Introduction

Panel 4: Techno capitalism and Instagram economy


Chloe Lula Resident Advisor

DVS1 Aslice

Katty Lange Triangle Agency

Hubert Spangler DJ Bloomfeld

hosted by

Nicky Böhm Refuge Worldwide, Tresor Berlin


The Ukrainian people are in need of help. Those who are still in Ukraine and those who have fled the country. This is why we have joined forces with our friends and partners to raise funds. In addition, donations will be collected at the box office. All guests on our guest list are requested to pay 5 EUR as a contribution. The raised funds will be split equally between Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.. Let us stand together, this madness must end!


Covid-19 Pass or testing is no longer required. However, in order to protect our guests and our community, we encourage all participants to test themselves before entering.

Panel discussions taking place at Baergarten @Revier Südost next to RSO.BERLIN

Europe-wide cooperative network “Gravity” lands at its Berlin base RSO for the first time. The project primarily focuses on supporting peripheral electronic music culture communities by developing scenes along with young talent and up-and-coming artists.

We invite you to an afternoon full of talks approaching subjects relevant to its stakeholders.

1: Clubbing after Lockdown: What are the effects of the pandemic on the nightlife scene?

Emerging from the COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing the revitalisation of large-scale face to face social events. But what particular effects and developments did it instigate for the nightlife scene?

Our speakers meet to discuss how the nightlife scene can adapt in the near future to pressing issues including staff shortages, a changing tourism economy, fear of crowded places and the attitudes of a post-COVID youth towards clubbing.

2: New challenges for club culture

Looking back at the tumultuous changes in our social coordinates over the past few years, it is often difficult to make an accurate assessment of what practices have really changed, and what conventions have been upheld and supported.

Our speakers reflect on a complex of topics around climate change, inflation and the increasing costs of living, as well as relevant geopolitical conflicts to answer the question: what new challenges will club culture need to tackle?

3: Black Lives Matter and the club industry. How much has changed, and where do we go from here? 

Dance music culture is indelibly Black music culture. Yet from club door policies, to the question of cultural ‘ownership’, to the true centers of power that fuel our scene from behind-the-scenes, the Black experience within electronic music has often been ignored, sidelined or relegated to the history books.

Almost ten years after the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement in the US, and two years after its moment of global prominence in the summer of 2022, we examine our contemporary industry through the prism of BLM’s urgent calls for equity and action.

4: Techno Capitalism and the Instagram Economy

The western music industry operates in the wider context of a constantly progressing Capitalist economy. But how have the global economy’s developments changed the music industry to what it is today, and what part do radically modern social media platforms take in all this?

Moderated by Nicky Böhm (Refuge Worldwide, Tresor Berlin), the panel all know the intersection between social media and the music industry well, but from different angles: their discussion should produce some novel insights.

Following the talks Gravity will play host to a carefully curated line-up which demonstrates the atmosphere the project seeks to cultivate. The clubnight takes place at RSO.BERLIN as well one day later, Friday 24th.

Artwork: Robert Radziejewski + Michal Veltruský

Gravity Berlin #2 is a 2nd large-scale event organised by Gravity – Network of Electronic Music Venues, an international initiative co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Gravity Network aims to develop electronic music culture by creating a foundation for an expanding network of venues, which create a support structure in order to stimulate transnational mobility of selected local artists, and educate communities involved in the culture as well as the public.



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