FRI 07.10.22 | 22:00




Common Poetry


Cristian Marras

Luigi Di Venere

Dirty Daddy Don

Mike Starr


Leonard de Leonard


Adrienne Teicher

Ambrita Sunshine



Davide Iaco

Jade Lee



To create a safer space for everyone, we have developed an Awareness Concept and set up a team to accompany our events. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation or witness someone who clearly needs help, please speak to our Awareness team or a member of staff. Find our Values and Awareness measures here. Please also respect our House Rules.

Covid-19 Pass or testing is no longer required. However, in order to protect our guests and our community, we encourage all participants to test themselves before entering.


The Ukrainian people are in need of help. Those who are still in Ukraine and those who have fled the country. This is why we have joined forces with our friends and partners to raise funds. In addition, donations will be collected at the box office. All guests on our guest list are requested to pay 5 EUR as a contribution. The raised funds will be split equally between Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.. Let us stand together, this madness must end!

Originally meaning “inhabited” and ultimately “cared for”, the Latin word cultus was embodied in ceremony and ecstatic adoration. Beyond passive devotion, cultus implies the necessity for active worship, the “cultivation” necessary to give the divine its due. Many cultures identify a pattern of ceremonial behavior within a framework of spatial and temporal coordinates elected as sacred, erecting shrines for recurring rituals accessible solely to those sorted out by the wardens of the temple. Continued social tensions and discrimination require the repeated periodic release from established normativities found in catharsis; a carnival of subversions aimed at bringing the world as it is and how it should be together. Here, existence takes on a different light; new and very old meanings gather in the air. Consciousness expands.

Adorned in colorful feathers and glittery makeup, celebrants shout “We must not just liberate our desires but make ourselves infinitely more susceptible to pleasure!” as they ascend to exhilarating heights. Gesticulating flagellants in leather chokers ready for the Great Rite swirl to sparkling vocals. Burning effigies illuminate black robes marching to four/four beats as sacred vestals in industrial sanctuaries invoke the spirit that levitates over the priestess behind the altar. Join us in communion! Sacrifice your ego and your sense of reality. Confess your sins in crowded stalls. Share your offerings. Choose ascetics, your personal agenda, your prayers and your saints. Choose your Sunday best, even if it’s Friday night. Choose your own corner to get lost in the blinding lights while stuffing sacramental hosts into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all. Choose your path. Choose a future. Choose your cult and be healed! GEGEN CULT Concept courtesy of Sir Rita & Flo Heiden Artwork courtesy of Bruterdam Graphics & logo by Enrico Bardin



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