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Kai Campos (Mount Kimbie)




Actress DJ


DJ Spit






Kush Jones


Lady Blacktronika


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Mount Kimbie presents: a curated night by Mount Kimbie’s Kai Campos encompassing a high-calibre array of talent reflecting the most experimental, and quintessential, elements of techno alike. Prepare for a genre-bending ride at Revier Südost Berlin on the 28th October. The handpicked lineup for an exceptional party:

Kai Campos is not only one half of Mount Kimbie but also a solo artist. In his own productions, he constantly tries to explore the boundaries of experimental music. With his innovative approach to sound design, he continues to set new standards.

Acclaimed UK electronic artists Actress is known for his diverse style. Since 2012 he has run his label in conjunction with Ninja Tune. His love for the unconventional flows like a central theme through his work.

The Manchester-based producer and DJ Afrodeutsche is rising rapidly and powerfully. Her live sets are meticulous, and her productions cross a wide range of styles including classical solo piano, techno, house, and electro.

Bjarki rips through the rules and foundations of electronic music with ruthless abandon, producing his own, often absurdist take on the DNA of rave. His notorious live DJ sets integrate and tangle elements of techno, jungle, breaks and IDM, finding unparalleled energy and offbeat soul whenever there’s a pause for breath.

AYA brings pure energy and driving rhythm. Her artistic identity is shaped by a variety of influences, such as trance, acid and especially techno. This is also reflected with impressive power in her sets.

Geared towards drum and bass, techno and warehouse to drill and amen-infused breaks, DJ Spit fills a gap between bass, garage and hi-tech industrial. His sets not only cross genres, but also push the boundaries of what is possible in a club.

Born and raised in the Bronx, DJ and Producer Kush Jones’ gateway into the world of sound making all started with the sample. Fascinated by Chicago footwork, Jersey club, and hip-hop culture he set off on a path to fuse his influences to form his own voice for the dance floor.

Lady Blacktronika got her start in 1997 doing vocals for some early deep house artists. Since then, she has amassed an extensive discography which includes releases on her own imprints Sound Black Recordings and Sound Kemystry. Her sound is heavily influenced by the classic elements of old school Chicago & Detroit House music.

Rubi has been frequenting the electronic music scene for almost a decade and has soaked up musical influences from different places all over the world. Leaving the path of mainstream in the underground, her sets are characterized by crossing different styles and genres, fueled by a continuous search for overlooked records from the past that deserve special attention.

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