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The Ukrainian people are in need of help. Those who are still in Ukraine and those who have fled the country. This is why we have joined forces with our friends and partners to raise funds. In addition, donations will be collected at the box office. All guests on our guest list are requested to pay 5 EUR as a contribution. The raised funds will be split equally between Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.. Let us stand together, this madness must end!

GEGEN pre-cum

or: Oh JOI! How to prepare for the Ordeal – where Everything happens but nothing is more real than Nothing.

A struggle of this kind requires Training. The Metaphor of Athletic Competition does not serve merely to designate the Nature of the Relationship one has with Desires & Pleasures; it also relates to the Preparation that enables one to withstand such a Confrontation. A properly designed Regimen includes ponoi [exercises], sitia [foods], pota [drinks], hypnoi [sleep], and aphrodisia [sexual relations] – Everything that Needs to be Measured.

1. In the Weeks leading to the Intiation, the Candidates will get ready for the Ordeal by general Athletic Training and feasting on nutritious Provisions, thus strengthening their Organism and unlocking Hidden Powers [often identified with the Unconscious Mind] that by a Variety of Techniques give Greater Perception.

2. On the Appointed Day, the Candidates are assisted by chosen and experienced Attendants whose Duty is to rouse them by every Known Means. Nor should the Attendants reck of Danger, but hunt down ruthlessly their Appointed Prey.

3. The Attendants immobilize the Candidates in a Position that they can find convenient for the long Practice ahead, so that they may not offer any Resistance to the Impending Activities.

4. Having ascertained the Candidate cannot move, Attendants will submit them to all known Pleasure Manoeuvers. Thereby, all Devices and Artifices of the Pharmacopornographic Era are to be employed. Such Edging will be constantly aimed at bringing the Candidate to the Climaxing Point – yet will presently halt so that the Candidate may understand the Journey on the Road of Pleasure is more important than the Destination.

5. The Intiation will involve all Erogenous Zones – Head to Toes, Armpits to Groin, Nipples to Anus – and will be of penetrative and non-penetrative Nature, bringing Pleasure & Pain alike in the necessary Dosage. Despite changes in Rhythm & Pace, such Practices will continue relentlessly until the Attendants observe clear signs of Enlightened Desire in the Candidate. This may appear in the form of Transparent Fluids unwillingly flowing from the Genitals despite the Lack of an Apparent Climax.

6. Thereafter the Candidate will fall into a State of utter Exhaustion. With exquisite Delicacy & Skill, the Attendants now demonstrate how Sexual Experience requires far more than adroit physical Manoeuvers. Let the Candidate be continually roused by Stimulation of an indefinite sexual Type. Yet, where convenient, Music wisely regulated will assist.gooning

7. Appropriately clothed, the Candidates will finally join the Rite. Now fully aware there is neither Failure nor Success in the Ordeal, the Candidates are forever prepared to submit to the Rule of Incessant Pleasure.

As it is written: Relax. Don't do it when you want to come.

GEGEN pre-cum

Concept courtesy of Sir Rita & Flo Heiden
Artwork courtesy of Bruterdam
Graphics & logo by Enrico Bardin



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