FRI 17.11.23 22:00








Peggy Gou


Floating Points

[Pre-sales to this night are now sold out. However, we will have a very limited amount of tickets available at the box office on the night of the event.]

RSO celebrates its second birthday with a 2-part weekender. First, on Friday Peggy Gou returns, alongside Floating Points and Matisa. Then from Saturday to Monday, RSO continues the celebration via our season 2 theme, RFLXN, with The Grid’s Matrixxman, UFO95, RSO resident, Lena Willikens and Bambounou. The reigns to the festivities are then handed over to Pole Group on Sunday, who take on the ROBUS floor with Oscar Mulero, Adriana Lopez, Lewis Fautzi, Conceptual, Selected’s Frederic and a closing b2b into Monday from Laure Croft and Lacheesi.


Be aware of ticket scammers! We expressly advise you not to purchase online tickets from unknown persons. Please use the RA Resale Queue on the event page to purchase tickets from third parties safely and reliably. There will also be a limited number of tickets available at the box office. We recommend all ticket holders to arrive early, as there may be an increased waiting time.

Please respect our no photo policy! To ensure the privacy and comfort of every- one at the club, it is strictly forbidden to take pictures or film anywhere in the venue. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you disobey this rule, your night will end at RSO. Larger camera equipment must be checked into our cloakroom.



Please note that a presale ticket does not guarantee entry. The club reserves the right to deny entry. Tickets will be automatically refunded in that case. Due to increased security checks at the entrance, there may be an increased waiting time even with a ticket. We ask you to please take this into account and respect it. Thank you.

To create a safer space for everyone, we have developed an Awareness Concept and set up a team to accompany our events. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation or witness someone who clearly needs help, please speak to our Awareness team or a member of staff. Find our Values and Awareness measures here. Please also respect our House Rules.

Covid-19 Pass or testing is no longer required. However, in order to protect our guests and our community, we encourage all participants to test themselves before entering.


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