RSO's February programming overflows with magnetic allure. Provocation awaits behind the doors of the compound.

Gegen begins the month's undertakings, inviting False Witness, Aida Arko, Adrestia, fka.m4a and more to manifest states of transcendental chaos on February 3rd.

On February 4th, RSO hosts CTM Festival to assert a line-up of nonconformist sound. Artists such as Sara Persico, ABADIR, Zand, and ¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U join b2bs from Siu Mata and Amor Satyr as well as Bloomfeld and Phatstoki, who will be accompanied by MC and vocalist Miziguruka.

XFORM takes over from CTM on the Sunday morning and will continue the transfer of experiential velocity by welcoming François X, a special Floorgasm guest, Mac Declos, Hodge and Mor Elian amongst others on February 5th.

Synoid celebrates 7 years on February 10th and will oversee a weekend of enduring rituals which expel the ghosts of inhibition and constraint that lie within.

Founded in Kyiv in 2018 as a safe space for queer and open-minded people, the Ukrainian collective Veselka hosts a night of colorful and intoxicating sound on February 17th.

On February 18th, XFORM returns with its full weekend's programme, which its established curatorial language will set the pace for the remainder of February. DJ Bone, Anastasia Kristensen, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Jesse G and more are invited to situate their respective sounds into the premises.

Tommy Four Seven formulates an interfusion of 47 label affiliates and esteemed associates to take over the SUMME floor on February 24th. Oake, Linn Elisabet and Scalameriya join him for an intimate exploration of mechanized aurality.

On February 25th, XFORM calls upon the capabilities of DVS1, The Lady Machine, Tape Feed, Identified Patient, DJ Spit, and many more to round off the month's programme in a graceful masterclass style.

XFORM will continue through March 2023. The last quarter will reveal the entire ideology of the theme while wrapping up the first season.

Tickets available on Resident Advisor.

Artwork: VOJD @vojdvojd