“Did I try my hardest at any of my dreams?” (UR - Transition)

All good things must come to an end and with February we're approaching the end of the RFLXN season as well. By the end of March, a full year of reflecting back outside of the dark rooms, flashing lights and bumping Soundsystems will have allowed us all to think beyond what makes us all feel good. We understand that working on yourself never ends, however, being forced to confront what we ignore often in exchange for what’s easy and brings us joy allows us to move forward with life-long worthy learnings. In reference to Underground Resistance’s track off their 2003 release, Transition, we now enter the final phase and point ourselves in the right direction in order to make our own transition to our next theme.

FRI 02.02

Berlin crew FYEMA, kicks off the February program with Verdorben founder Echoes of October, Multisex founder Multifun going b2b with Choreophila, Raël and FYEMA residents M.DOP & TOCZ.

CTM Festival
Sat — Mon 03.–05.02

CTM Festival’s 25th anniversary edition will take place January 26 to February 4, 2024. Under the theme »Sustain«, CTM presents the current state of adventurous music, from pulsating dance floor to shared moments of artistic intimacy together with DJ MELL G b2b Poly Chain, MSJY, SHERELLE, Dangermami and many more.

GEST Invites
Thu 08.02.

Signing to DJ Friction’s Shogun Audio from their first ever release, GEST have been turning heads in drum & bass for their masterful hold of versatility – able to produce some of the most impactful dancefloor orientated underground hitters whilst simultaneously skilled in writing smooth rollers dripped in soul. A rejuvenated name to match a rejuvenated sound, the duo previously known as Gerra & Stone hosts on February 8th and invites Visages, submarine, Survey, Upzet and Sancta.

FRI — MON 09.–12.02

Berlin powerhouse, SYNOID, celebrates 8 years.

Thu 15.02

Continuing on the concept to shine the spotlight on emerging talent, Deestricted & RSO present Heelix, a bi-monthly Thursday night event series aimed to further foster our rising talent community. Born from the cosmic evolution of Deestricted's 'Sunday Breaker' events, Heelix emerges as a captivating force, focused to adrenaline-filled rhythms of trancy frequencies.

Home Again
Fri 16.02

Berlin label Home Again is back on February 16th in order to revive some beautiful memories of last year's club festival. Giving us all a glimpse of what to expect throughout the year, the label invites Bae Blade, Boston 168, Leo Pol, Maruwa along with residents Thabo and Thabo Santana for its first milestone of the year.

SAT — MON 17.–19.02

softchaos is the pseudonym of Teresa Stout, the American dj, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. Their experimental sets are watermarked by their melodic pairing of hard groove-driven music along with aggressive percussive tracks and far-reaching techno, weaving genres meticulously in acts of reclamation. softchaos is joined by Physical Therapy on the SUMME floor with Gesloten Cirkel, Nali’s Julian Muller, Molekül’s JKS, Alarico and more on the ROBUS floor.

Fri 23.02

For its 20th edition, Selected takes on Friday night with Grace Dahl, Juicy Romance, Bailey Ibbs and and Frederic.

SAT — MON 24.–26.02

Philippa Pacho frequently promotes an intense journey of groove and force. Pacho's early beginnings took place in the illegal party scene in Stockholm and have since carried her far and wide. To close our month’s program out, Philippa Pacho is joined by Phara, Supergloss and CRYME on the ROBUS along with RSO resident DHC and Alcatraz on the SUMME floor.


Artwork: Joana Huguenin