Is turning a new leaf a gradual process?

Sat – Mon 06.–08.01.

With Ukrainian roots growing up in Berlin, Chontane started playing in his city’s clubs at the mere age of 19. He gives body to his work and has been pulling together tribal and groovy techniques inspired by the classic 90s and early 2000s club records to create density and effect on the dancefloor. For our first in-house night of the year, Chontane is joined by artists such as co-founder, VINVAR, Austria’s Alpha Tracks, Frenzy resident, Beau Didier, Berlin’s, STEYA, & RSO resident, P.E.A.R.L.

Fri 12.01

Paranoid London were at the forefront of the vinyl resurgence that the music industry is witnessing now. With far reaching, broad tastes & an ethos focused on personality & giving it your all rather than bland, paint-by-numbers dance music they set about putting together one of the most exciting live acts in electronic music. Invited for the night are also Berlin’s Young Draco, as well as Slow Motion Records affiliates Fabrizio Mammarella, Giulia Gutterer & Paty Vapor.

RFLXN x Bottom Topixxx
Sat – Mon 13.–15.01.

DINA is a Berlin-based producer and DJ and co-founder of Nachtcrew – a label and party series fusing rave sounds, art and 3D mapping in order to provide a totally immersive sensorial experience. With releases on her own Nacthcrew label, Space Trax and Live From Earth, DINA’s productions span spacey ambience, punching basslines, and ethereal trance. For our first collaboration of the year, DINA is joined by RFLXN invites Clergy boss, Cleric, and RSO resident Jesse G, along with Bottom Topixxx invites Grace Dahl, K!NK founder, Barbad, and Bottom Topixxx resident, sanguinica.

Gravity Network
Thu 18.01.

Gravity Network returns in 2024 with the next phase of the project while also adding two new partners: Garage Noord in Amsterdam as well as Mutant Radio in Tbilisi. We usher in Gravity’s 2024 calendar with an educational and club event series on Thursday January 18th, featuring sets by Gravity artists Daisy Cutter & Berlin’s ophélie, as well as workshops hosted by Gesloten Cirkel & Dana Ruh.

Fri 19.01

What was supposed to be a limited series by Xiorro, is now being turned into a permanent installation at RSO after the success and reception of its genesis. With the series evolving into its next level, so has the name. In order to represent the force of the next stage of a star’s burst, Xiorro presents, ULTRANOVA, on January 19th with a b2b from Thump out Traxx boss, Bours?, and Bipolar Disorder founder, The Chronics, the UK’s, Faster Horses, ULTRANOVA resident, Adrestia, & Xiorro.

RFLXN x Mannequin Records
Sat – Mon 20.–22.01.

As a leading figure of the new generation of French DJs inspired by EBM, trance, electro and old school 90’s techno tracks, Anetha knows how to make people dance. Firmly, with kindness, she always delivers abundant, compelling sets to the crowd. This edition of RFLXN sees Anetha accompanied by Netherlands-based, Animistic Beliefs, and RSO resident, Sugar, on the ROBUS floor, while we join forces with Mannequin Records once more on the SUMME floor as they host with invited artists like France’s, The Hacker, and label boss Alessandro Adriani.

Thu 25.01.

Voxnox & RSO present ACCELERATION SERIES, a bi-monthly event series inspired and named after the eponymous releases by Voxnox. Aiming to foster a community, the series is dedicated to present emerging talent and provide them with a platform to shine with a foundation constructed from hard-hitting techno and massive basslines.


Fri 26.01

Not much is known about the Berlin-based producer, southstar, as he lives behind the pulse of his racing tempos. southstar can resurrect a lifeless room, and that’s all he’s interested in us knowing. southstar hosts Unplayed on January 26th and invites a cast of artists like Pegasus, Crush3d and DJ Swisherman.

Sat – Mon 27.–29.01.

Radiance returns for its second edition with another weekender inviting artists such as Meat Free & Vault Sessions residents Blasha & Allatt, Voam co-founder Pariah, Stef Mendesidis, Ploy and Nerve Collect co-founder, Identified Patient.


Artwork: Joana Huguenin