As the sun sets on XFORM with its season ending in March, RSO populates the month with an array of perceptual pre-eminence. Enigmatic formations await to be aligned with visceral sensation.

Gravity begins this alignment by juxtaposing esotericism with unabated instinct on March 3rd. Key to this dynamic are guests Gigi FM and Sherelle who will command the SUMME floor’s attention.

On March 4th, XFORM promptly invokes the capabilities of Ancient Methods, Angel D’lite b2b Byron Yeates, CCL, Stephanie Sykes and Wata Igarashi amongst a host of others to conduct the first of three gatherings that will take place under the XFORM banner this month.

Self. Control. invites Facets, David Carretta and more on March 10th, to continue their bi-monthly exaltation of the body music continuum.

Ellen Allien’s We Are Not Alone imprint once again calls out into the cosmic vacuum on March 11th. Endlec, Dasha Rush, Tigerhead, Deniro and a whole host of other acts will accompany Allien on an exploration of the outer edges of linearity.

On March 16th, Selected returns and invites Caiva, Chlär, The Chronics and Lyric for a groove-filled night.

On March 17th, Planet Pleasure will be led by the Apollonia trio who will administer a 5-hour masterclass on the mechanics of groove alongside sets from OMAR, 192 GmbH, Sibil and more.

The second installment of XFORM sees AADJA, Funeral Future, Jossy Mitsu, Ludwig A.F., MCMLXXXV, Xiorro and others apply their individual dance-floor methodologies on March 18th.

On March 25th, we join forces with Munich’s crucial Ilian Tape imprint to present a night made up of both label affiliates and close friends for the very last XFORM event ever. Skee Mask will join a selected crew of Ilian Tape signees, including Atrice, Katatonic Silentio, and Fireground to deliver a night of writhing percussion and guttural sub-frequencies. 

Starting on March 31stuntilApril 3rd, Gegen will overrun the premises with arresting visions of hallucinatory love on the final weekend of the month. This extended session will span three days and see a roster of talent, which includes Dana Montana, Headless Horseman, Henning Baer, LESSSS, Paula Temple, Projekt Gestalten, SNTS and numerous others, play their part in the extravagance.

Although, XFORM has just established itself well as a regular club night - and precisely because of that - after exactly one year it is time to venture the transition into a new season. There are many topics that keep us busy. It's time to look at ourselves in the mirror and and question ourselves, our own feelings and actions. We thank you all who joined us on the transformational journey and made the season memorable. We turn the page on the season, but we remain RSO.

Tickets available on Resident Advisor.

Artwork: VOJD @vojdvojd