Having started in April 2023, our RFLXN season comes to a conclusion at the end of March, but not without an explosive program to bid its farewell. As we reflect one final time, we take a look back at the season. Did we accomplish everything that we set out to do? Are we satisfied with what we accomplished? Is our worth determined by what we accomplished? Each event in March further sets up the season finale with a final RFLXN that will leave you at the edge of your seat wanting to get closer and closer.

FRI 01.03.

Since the ‘90s Freddy K has been tirelessly campaigning from the dancefloor, defending vinyl, championing young talents and reinforcing the scene from the shadows. You will know him best for his marathon DJ sets and deviant selections and on March 1st, we begin our season ending’s month with Freddy K’s first-ever all-night long in Berlin.

SAT 02.03.

Adam X, one of the original techno artists of the NYC techno scene dating back to 1990, is known in contemporary times for his pioneering work in crossing the parallel of techno and industrial music. On March 2nd, Adam X is back on the ROBUS floor alongside Miami’s Blush Response, Melanie Havens and Pooja B. Additionally, Copenhagen's Anastasia Kristensen and Berlin's DJ Spit take control of the SUMME floor along with LazerGazer and Solaris.

SUN 03.03.

On March 3rd, Berlin’s Deestricted celebrates 6 years on the ROBUS floor with Jell boss Wallis, k41 resident Gael, Deestricted co-founder vp allowed and many more.

Oldschool Gangsters Berlin
THU 07.03.

In the year 2005, DJ Rob, a visionary with a passion for music, untamed sounds of the past, gave birth to a revolutionary concept - Oldschool Gangsters. With a mission to preserve the essence of Oldschool, House Classics, Techno, Early Rave, Happy Hardcore, and Early Hardcore, DJ Rob has rallied like-minded enthusiasts for almost 20 years. On March 7th, we host DJ Rob along with The Godfather of Hardcore himself & the man who practically invented the genre, Germany’s Acardipane as well as DJ Armand, NoXa, and many more for a night of Oldschool Gangsters.

FRI 08.03.

Laurent Garnier is a multi-faceted eclectic artist who has been making the planet dance for 30 years. As one of the leading lights in French dance music, he has spread his message across the planet, from raves to warehouse parties, clubs to festivals. His first big hits (Acid Eiffel and Wake Up), are both soundtracks to the explosion of dance music in France. For this year’s first edition of SOFT, Laurent Garnier is joined by the UK’s Call Super, LUXE and Franziska Berns.

We Are Not Alone
SAT–MON 09.–11.03.

Manni Dee is a London-based, multidisciplinary artist internationally recognised as a producer of blistering techno, however there is more to Manni Dee than his sprawling discography of searing sounds. Today he's working across music, film and fashion. Manni’s open-minded approach remains the root of his creative process. Ellen Allien returns to RSO with We Are Not Alone and along with Manni Dee, invites UVB, Elise Massoni and many more for a galactic weekender.

RFLXN x Symbolism
FRI 16.03.

Symbolism was launched in 1999 by Ben Sims and was initially intended as side project of Sims' Theory imprint but quickly developed into a standout label itself. On March 16th, we come together with Sims’ label via RFLXN with the night seeing artists such as Ilian Tape’s Zenker Brothers, Extra Energy’s SHADYLINES, RSO resident Xiorro, Den Anden Side’s Neri J as well as Ben Sims himself and many more on the ROBUS floor. The SUMME floor sees a b2b between Jennifer Cardini and HAAI, Gravity Network’s Daisy Cutter, Chrissy and Zeynep.

Room Trax
FRI 22.03.

Olivia Mendez is known for dealing grooves across territories where her unique sound can reach. Strongly influenced by the sounds of Senegalese drums as a child, both as a percussionist and
dancer, she eventually fell in love with the postmodern aesthetics embedded in Detroit’s industrial landscapes. On March 22nd, Olivia Mendez goes b2b with Chami for Room Trax with the night also seeing DJ Killing, Ben Reymann, Kr!z and BLANKA.

SAT–MON 23.–25.03.

Adriana Lopez is known for her raw, hypnotic and driving techno. With years of experience behind her, Adriana’s deep understanding of techno is evident in her high quality and tasteful selections: mixing records with a technical finesse. On March 23rd, Adriana is invited to the ROBUS floor along with Tommy Four Seven, Parallx and many more. cccore takes on the SUMME floor along with LUXE and more.

THU 28.03.

After the successful launch of our collaborative ACCELERATION SERIES with Voxnox in January, the next edition shines light on rising talent such as Mereike Bautz, DJ PURPUR, Loco Candy and 100labor.

Plasma x Keep Hush
FRI 29.03.

The UK’s Keep Hush is a global underground dance community whose primary mission is to go ‘Back the Underground’. This has forged a strong sense of community around their platform which has naturally allowed for an expansion in the projects including a diverse range of club nights, international livestreams, merch, Open Decks projects, panel talks and more. On March 29th, Plasma and Keep Hush come together with the night seeing appearances from Aloka, re:ni, scg, and a b2b between MSJY and Marie Midori.

RFLXN x Fast Forward x Space Trax
SAT–TUE 30.03.–02.04.

RFLXN comes to an end after its one year season, so we say Tschüss and celebrate Easter together with Copenhagen’s Fast Forward and Space Trax with a massive season finale that stretches from Saturday night until Tuesday morning with invited artists like Daria Kolosova, Cybersex, Elli Acula, Plaza and many more.


Artwork: Max Kuwertz