May is filled with an electrifying and flourishing programme. The cool breeze of the spring season infuses the air, as the beats that leak out of the RSO premises pulsate through the city’s winds, creating an atmosphere that will be both invigorating and hypnotic.The anticipation of experiencing the continuation of the REFLEXION chapter brings a sense of excitement that is almost palpable.

On May 4th, Berlin-based label, Tehran Contemporary Sounds, sets our May programme into motion when they celebrate the release of their second album, TCS_002, with SARIN, Sciahri, Ava Rasti, Tarxun, Cinna Peyghamy, Behrooz Moosavi and MMaria.

On May 5th, Berlin-based label, Voxnox, continues the month's inaugural week with their 10th anniversary celebration featuring crew affiliates Ancient Methods, Lokier b2b Sept and Blame The Mono for a night heavy hitting Techno.

We follow up and close out the weekend on May 6th with a RFLXN x selected x DURCH collab with Japan’s Takaaki Itoh, Frankfurt-based Maruwa, Headstrong’s Randomer, RSO resident, Xiorro, along with a b2b from selected affiliates Caiva and Frederic as well as a b2b2b from DURCH’s DJ Hyaluron, DJ Pheromone and GIA all playing a part of the extravaganza that will spread from the ROBUS floor all the way to the OPAN open air floor.

On May 12th, Self.Control. is back with another night of EBM and Italo disco.

Next on this weekend, Berlin’s Herrensauna takes over RSO from May 13th - 15th to deliver a weekend full wonder and delight.

On Wednesday, May 17th, we invite Berlin-based label Room Trax for a holiday night showcase along with Amotik, Lea Occhi b2b Blanka and DJ Pete.

From May 19th-22nd, Home Again hosts its club festival on our grounds while inviting 49 artists across different genres as well as hosting panels, talks and masterclasses.

After a smashing event this past January, FYEMA returns on May 26th with another night of Hard Dance and Trance with Mama Told Ya affiliate, Drazzit, Union Trance Mission affiliate 1luu, Berlin’s Multifun and a b2b from FYEMA residents M.DOP and TOCZ.

On May 27th, we conclude this exhilarating month’s programme with RFLXNon the ROBUS floor with UK’s Head Front Panel and Manni Dee along with RSO resident, Parallx, while London-based label, Night Slugs, takes on the SUMME floor for a showcase with Atlanta’s Zaida and Leonce, Brooklyn’s OSSX and London’s Bok Bok.

Tickets available on Resident Advisor.

Artwork: Jakob Ostermayer @2012.jakob