As we close out on 2022, RSO seals the end of this year’s agenda, which has welcomed new beginnings. With this year’s programme, we have invited you all to step into a zone uncontrolled by hyperreality, to witness a transformation and be a part of the process with each and every step of the way that we called XFORM.

The first stage of the theme, from March to June, began with a limited capacity of the full potential that we have showcased through the end of the year. We presented you all with what the hiatus between our grand opening in November and March allowed us to work on behind the curtain.

From June to September, the second stage — events prolonged the glow that radiated from both the indoor and open-air premises of the club all summer 2022 long.  In this phase, we introduced the full weekender concept of our in-house series, XFORM. This stage also allowed us to introduce the Wall to Wall Club festival, which celebrated its genesis and brought together a weighty assembly of crews to curate an extended program of wide-ranging club sonics, giving way to the next quarter.

The third stage, from September to December, saw collaborations with organizations and labels like Vault Sessions, Clone Records, Khidi and Boys Noize along with the hosting of crews like We Are Not Alone, Herrensauna, and GEGEN take place. This quarter also gave us the launchpad for the smashing anniversary event, RSO Year One. An event that brought us all together under the guise of a full trip around the sun.

With the previous year’s happenings transmuting into memory, we now mark the start of things to end, things to transition and things to come. A stimulatory augmentation which bring us to the final phase of XFORM. A three-way collaboration with GEGEN and Pornceptual propels RSO into 2023 and introduces the closing quarter. In this culminating stage, we take the necessary steps to wrap up on XFORM and introduce the next phase of our over-arching concept.