Now based in Berlin, DJ, producer and label head Xiorro out of the US is one of the brightest stars emitting from an invigorated American techno scene. A Boston-born, first generation American with Afro-Puerto Rican heritage, moved to New York in 2010. In 2016, he co-founded ALKHEMY and Brooklyn’s beloved party, The Black Hole, with the genesis dedicated to creating space and spreading diversity for the marginalized in techno.

Between 2016-2020, The Black Hole, pushed a hard dance sound that helped culminate the launch of a dynamic and well-rounded rave landscape in Brooklyn. It also gave birth to the collective’s label, Whirlwind Trax, which he co-founded with the Double Dragon mixtape-style EP.

Following his European debut at Tresor’s New Faces series in 2018, Xiorro went on to become Griessmuehle’s first international resident in 2019 and now has transitioned to the club’s new location, RSO, where he has again picked up his legacy.

After having his ravey and brazen sound picked up by Amelie Lens’ Exhale label in 2021, Xiorro has gone on to release his debut EPs Chromatic Meteor Shower and Enter the Zone, on Lobster Theremin in 2022. Looking ahead, Xiorro’s own Whirlwind Trax will serve as the next platform to present his upcoming work.

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